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MOTIVATION : Can you give more?


motivation, ias , giving more, hard work  Well this is one question that is going to keep bugging you esp when the exams are near. It feels like there is so much of hard work that has gone to come this far and the first few questions you would have are

1) Is it enough

And the answer is most usually, probably not or hopefully yes or a straight no but hardly a convinced YES! Well that’s fair, with an exam this wide and with a syllabus so huge, it is natural to have that bit of fear which says that things might go wrong. And it is a good thing, it helps keep our focus on what is more important. However it does lead to another important question

2) Can I give it a little more? 

And the answer is most usually a YES! Although it seems like it is impossible to stretch more! You might say that I am being unreasonable because there are only 24 Hrs in a day and there is no way you can study for more than 20 or realistically 6-8 or more than that!

I am not talking about more time, I am talking about more- maybe in the amount of concentration, maybe in the way of chunking things, maybe in the way of better time management or test taking skills. Basically I am talking about increase in quality over quantity.

Most times it is thought that hard work means time and giving more means time. Truth be told, it rarely means that, it is all about you being smart.

So, do you think you can give more?


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