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ETHICS and INTEGRITY – Answer Writing Challenge, 25 July 2014


25 July 2014

You are posted as Superintendent of Police (SP) to a district which has history of communal clashes. You are married to a lady belonging to a particular minority community which has a significant presence in the district. You are cordial with everyone irrespective of their religion and caste.  Unfairly you have been accused of having a very close relationship with businessmen and religious heads belonging to a minority community to which your wife belongs. In the past this community was part of communal clashes in the district. As per the stats available, more people from this minority community have died in the past compared to the majority community in the clashes between them.

The media in the district, electronic and print,  which is owned by a person affiliated to a large organisation representing the majority religious community, is writing series of articles accusing you of favouritism, nepotism and indifference to crimes committed by criminals belonging to the minority community. Some articles have also criticised you saying that your wife is influencing your decisions in some sensitive investigations. Some splinter organisations representing the majority community have held protests against you too.

1) In this situation, how will you react? Explain in detail why you will react in a particular way.  (200 Words)

2) Examine which qualities of SP would be put into test in the above case study. (100 Words)