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MOTIVATION: Are you a winner?


motivation, ias preparation, daily inspiration Well, I think there are two big words in LIFE, a winner and a loser. They are always made to appear so big and always in caps so that it makes us forget what lies between, the true essence and passion of life.People have said – Winners don’t do different things , they do things differently. That means, winners are not geniuses, they are people like me and you who are faced with the challenges of daily life and the way they respond to them makes a difference to their outlook of life and hence their life.

But I think they do have a certain clarity about a few things in life :

1) What they want to achieve? – They do not have many doubts about it. They do have doubts whether they can do it or not but they know very well why they are doing something and why it is important

2) They know their priorities – Even they are distracted by a lot of things in life but they know when and what to focus on. They know what is the higher priority and they know when given a choice their exams matter more than the other thing which is bugging them

3) They are not afraid of the risks – They know it is risky, they know that there are a lot of possibilities, but they know what they are here for. Like Messi says – it is the eye on the ball that is the most important one (5 Lessons from Messi!)

4) They are not afraid of who they are – They know their strengths, they know their weaknesses. Above all they know their originality and they know how they can adapt to the situation to make it happen

5) Are they a rare breed – Well they are not as rare as you think. Take a look at yourself and see if you can adhere to these definitions and a lot others as well? If you do, then you are looking at a winner right there!

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