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ETHICS and APTITUDE: Answer Writing Challenge, 23 July 2014


23 July 2014

As a senior officer in the Ministry of Public Works Department you have access to important policy decisions and upcoming big announcements such as road construction projects before they are notified in the public.  Your son is a land dealer and realtor.The Ministry is about to announce a mega road project. Once its is announced, the land price in the vicinity would see a steep hike. You have access to maps and know the dimensions of land to be acquired. Your  son wants to know the complete details and he is insisting you about this. He wants to buy the land at present rates which is very cheap in and around the soon to be announced project. He is trying to convince you by saying that he would purchase land confidentially and there would be no problem in future for you. You are aware that the Minister has already shared this information with his children who are also into the land business. In fact, the minister has asked you to do the same so that your son also makes huge profits. He has tried to convince you by saying that his and your children are buying land legally and there is no harm in it.

In this situation, what will you do? Critically examine various conflicts of interests at play in this case study and explain what are your responsibilities as a public servant. (250 Words)