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Insights Weekend Discussions – 20 July 2014

Welcome to the new Edition of Insights Weekend Discussions. You can access details of previous discussions here.

The topic for today’s discussion is related to an issue which we have almost come to accept as a norm in India albeit depressing.

The Topic:

“Why Are We Witnessing Increasing Number of Rape Cases Against Women in India? And How to Stop These Rapes?”


Recently, NDTV reported that since 1971, there has been ten-fold increase in rape cases in India. So, no one can deny the truth. Is it part of our culture? Is it because of the modernity? Is there any ‘economic’ angle? Is our education system itself to blame?

Knowing reasons behind this unending ordeal is not enough. And no legislations can stop this crime. Is changing mindsets enough? How to change it?

As common men and women, and as future administrators, how will you solve this problem?

We invite unbiased opinions from you. The ‘site’ is yours. Thank you.