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Motivation: Don’t let your mind bully your body!


handling exam stress, motivation ias, upsc motivationWith just about a month to go, the exams are nearing, the syllabus remains the same and there is so much to complete. It looks overwhelming and very tough at this point of time.

But don’t let that thought bully you! Remember the entire effort you have put in, the sleepless nights you have had. They are bound to lead you the right way. It is natural to be overwhelmed when there is so much to do, but keep telling yourself what is more important. The mind is a great servant and a terrible master sometimes. Don’t let that bully, don’t let those thoughts come near you. (10 things to do when someone bullies you!)The best way to handle stress is keeping yourself busy. Change subjects, change routines, hang on there.

Time is the biggest resource you have (How to use time effectively?) and the greatest limitation as well. Don’t let the stress affect you. This is what you have been training yourself for.

You got to give it all you got!