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Insights Weekend Discussions/Debates – Restarts Tomorrow

Few aspirants requested me to restart our popular Weekend Debate/Discussion initiative again.Hence starting it again from tomorrow. I promise that this initiative will continue as long as  meaningful and enthusiastic participation is ensured from your side.

It’s our policy to discourage aspirants from indulging in useless debates and provide them an avenue to express their thoughts and opinions which would help them in their exam preparation both in short and long term. It is extremely important to have well thought out opinions on various socio-economic issues to score better in both Mains and Interview.

Weekend Debates/Discussions (It’s more like discussion) will ask you a question every weekend for which you need to give extempore answer. Questions will be on such topics which can be asked in interview, or on taboo topics that might help you open up and express honest opinions.

On Every Sunday, at 6 pm, we will ask you a question or series of questions depending upon the intensity of the topic.

We had received excellent response on first week (242 responses). For three months it ran well and as enthusiasm waned, we stopped this initiative (we too got busy meanwhile)

Right now 2015 aspirants can warm up here. We don’t want 2014 aspirants to spend time on this initiative until their Mains is over, unless they themselves want to participate for an hour or so for a change.

There won’t be any word limit for you to type. Express your opinion freely and fearlessly (only related to the given topic). During last discussions not a single person indulged in personal attack. None ever used abusive language. Everyone was cordial and cooperative. Some argued brilliantly. The more you are polite, the better for you only. As I have seen, those who were humble and polite have all got 200+ in interview. Whether it helps in interview or not, being polite would definitely help in life.

Tomorrow at 6 pm we will ‘restart’ Insights Weekend Debate. Expect a controversial topic!  🙂

Looking forward to read thoughts of some brilliant minds. Have a great weekend.