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Motivation: 5 motivational stories of Shakira


shakira motivation, motivation ias, inspirationWho isn’t familiar with the voice of Shakira, the famous Hips don’t lie and of course the 8th most watched video on youtube – waka waka of the 2010 world cup or the current appearance on the world cup stage of FIFA? Of course one of the most talented singers of all time and an amazing dancer, Shakira does have a few lines of motivation to share

5 Things you did not know about Shakira

1)  she was rejected from the school choir group cos her vibrato was too strong and characteristic

2) Her teacher said that her voice sounded like a goat!

3) Her first two albums, Magia and Peligro, were a commercial flop, they did not register any remarkable success

4) When her song was offered to be translated to English, she decided to learn English instead and compose a new one!

5) While being auditioned for the Sony recording, the art director thought Shakira was a “Lost Cause”

And if you are worried that your mock tests are not going the way you wanted them, think again, it definitely is not a lost cause 🙂