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MOTIVATION: Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth!


life plans, things dont work as planned, ias motivation Well! How’s the preparation going? Is it going completely as you planned or are there any hiccups along the way? I guess if you are a normal person like me, I am sure there were a few plans which worked out better than expected and a few which did not work at all and some that were mid way. What does that mean? (If only life was as simple as our plan! )

It just means that the plan did not work and you need a new plan to make the outcomes the way you want. Most times we get sucked into the belief that the plan is everything and if it doesn’t work, something is going to happen. But we got to remember one thing and that one thing constantly (The big thing is not what happens to us but what we do with it) , the reason why you are here is not your plan, it is the purpose, it is your goal. You want to crack the civils and that’s that of it, Period!

Anything beyond that is a simple aberration. A plan is just meant to simplify your life and help your approach better. If it does anything less than that change it, if it does anything more than that see how best you can extrapolate that. Bottom line is simple, esp at the time when the exam is right around the corner, it is natural to feel a little anxious about the plan. Please know that it is ok and it is cool to have a plan. I am sure the first ranker did not plan it from the beginning, things might just turn out better than your plan 😉