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MOTIVATION : Why Germany Won?!


motivation, world cup germany insights, ias motivationA lot of speculations, theories, descriptions, analyses are raised about the victory of Germany in the 2o14 world cup and as it is always said about the victor, nobody deserved it better than them! It kinda makes me sound hypocritical when I write this, but I guess sometimes it is the way the world is – Everyone hails the victor. It was a brilliant thing to see Germany win and it did bring out a surge of inspiration. Although an Argentina fan myself, I am feeling a little guilty writing about Germany now! But here are a few things we as aspirants can derive from this victory


1) Know your goal

  • And that is everything for you! It makes a difference, it gives you the meaning and it defines you. That is what you are here for and that is the only thing that matters the most

2) Use all opportunities

  • Right from letting go of an extra hour sleep to using recorded versions of your revision, fire all guns make them work, just like Germany did in the 7-1 victory (Opportunity knocks more than once)

3) Be Flexible

  • All our plans in the process go for a toss, but remember you are not here for the plan but the goal is bigger, it is about you and the exam and the plan is just a way, it is not the only way

4) Learn from your competition

  • It is annoying to see someone else pace ahead of you, but try and learn from him/her instead, there might be those strategies in them which can double your performance and tuned into your very own.

5) Don’t give a damn about anything else

  • It is simple, the focus is between you and the goal, nothing else is supposed to come your way, nothing else is supposed to hinder you.. For everything else, there is time, money and energy but this cannot wait..

Go get it matey 🙂