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MOTIVATION: Do it now!


10453371_10152480309891211_5963579026154832979_n I very well understand the need to procrastinate, esp when there is so much to read and so little time. The thought of sitting for more than 8Hrs a day in front of the books is a little nauseating and it doesn’t really help to find a new subject or a not so favourite topic staring in front of you. The most common tendency is to push it a little away and say that you can do it tomorrow or may be some other day. I am certainly with you on that, it is the ‘logical’ thing to do (How to stop procrastinating! ). But the question is how much it is going to be of help to you.

It does ease the conscience saying that you are going to do it tomorrow and it is also easier to tell yourself that you can do it tomorrow instead of saying that you are not going to do it. And I do agree that it is hard. That is probably because you are competing at the hardest exams in the country and it is definitely not easy to do what you are doing. Just cos you are going to rest or you are going to procrastinate doesn’t mean that your competition is going to do the same. You just got to brush all those thoughts aside, atleast for the time being and jump right in. Cos, who knows you might have lesser time at hand tomorrow than you have at hand now! (Sometimes all we need is a little push!)