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ETHICS and INTEGRITY – Answer Writing Challenge, 08 July 2014


08 July 2014

1) You are a Probationary Officer in a Public Sector Bank and you have been transferred to a branch located in Naxal affected area. On the very first day, while returning from work, you were stopped by a Naxal group. They sought 25% of your salary as ‘protection money’ which should be paid every month, and if you fail, you will be killed by the group without offering you any second chance. You are an IAS aspirant managing your preparation along with the work pressure. You are from a very poor family and this job has brought a ray of hope to you and your parents. You are unmarried though.

The local police is aware of this Naxal problem, which is common in the region,  yet they are not taking any action for fear of their own lives and corruption.

What will be your course of action in this circumstance ? (250 Words)

2) On completion of probationary training as an IAS probationary officer, you are posted as Assistant Commissioner (Deputy Collector) to a Sub Division of a district. To ensure probity and transparency in your office, what steps would you take immediately? Explain. (200 Words)