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ETHICS and INTEGRITY – Answer Writing Challenge, July 07, 2014


07 July 2014

ETHICS and INTEGRITY – Answer Writing Challenge

1) Suppose you are sitting on the seat of a crowded local train, you saw an old lady standing near you and then you offered her your seat but before she could take the seat a man took the seat and the man was aware that you had offered your seat to that old lady. In such a situation how will you manage the same seat for her? (150 Words)

2) You are a father of 7 year old girl. You are living in a flat with your wife and daughter. You are working in high profile job in an MNC. Your boss is your close friend and because of him you have landed a good job. You also owe him lots of money.  If it was not for him, you would have continued in less paying old job. Your boss frequently visits your flat. He is close to your daughter and wife. One day, your daughter complains that your boss did something unnatural to her in her bedroom. He actually sexually molested your daughter.

What will you do now? In the light of laws of the land, human rights and personal ethics, suggest a course of action that you should take. (250 Words)

3) Critically comment on the ethical issues involved in the climate change negotiations held by developing and developed countries. (200 Words)


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