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Now You Can Upload Your Answers at Secure and other Writing Challenges

Many aspirants used to request me to add a feature where they would be able to upload their scanned answer sheet and get it evaluated/reviewed by peers and friends on the site at Secure and Optional answer writing challenges.

Now you can upload picture (JPG and PNG) in the comment box. Only answers to questions are allowed to be uploaded now. They should be within 5 mb size. If this feature runs smoothly, we will add features where you can upload PDF and other file formats also.

This feature will help those who hate typing. But please make sure that your scanned copy is clear and legible. Readers should be able to read them without straining their eyes and comment on your answers.

Please upload only if you are not comfortable typing. We have always suggested that one should first write answers in their notebook and then type them in a Word/Google Doc. Then post them on the site so that you would never lose your answers if some error occurs on the site. Typing helps you to become conscious about word limit, grammar mistakes and structuring of your answers.

For now this feature  will be experimental. If it gives problem to the site, we may remove it. We hope it won’t be problematic.

There is also a new feature in comments now. You can directly add comments if you are logged into Google or Facebook accounts. You don’t have too fill your name or email. Directly paste your comments in either Google or Facebook comment boxes (see Screenshot below). This feature is for those who hate typing their names and emails every time they want to post answers/comments.

Thank you all for the continued support.



upload documents in comments, comments attachment


Comment from your Google Account (without entering any details)

comment 6

Comment using Facebook account

comments 5

Click on the ‘Choose File’ and upload your answers from your computer.

upload docs into comment box


To reduce image size, use Microsoft Picture Manager.



Choosing ‘Documents’ or ‘Web Pages’ will reduce file sizes substantially. It will be easy to upload small files.


comment 4