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MOTIVATION: Are you scared of your dream?


Well Of course I am! I am sure the last year topper might also have had feelings like that, so did the previous year one and so on… Fear is only natural, you are striving to do something which is not going to be that easy. It is the topmost coveted job in the country and it is reasonable to be afraid.

So the next time someone asks you not to be afraid, including me, give them a smile of contempt and tell yourself you know how tough it is and that is the exact reason why you are going to make it happen!



Your dreams are BIG, they are going to scare you and that is the one reason as to why you are going to make it happen! There is no point in defeating a minion! You have to fight the giant and that is how you create history 🙂


There is no greater danger than playing it safe!