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I am sure you have heard a few quotes over and over again, esp the ones about fear which tell you how bad it is and how it is going to affect your performance and how much of it is real and how much of it is imaginary. I am also sure that these being extremely powerful words, that too from extremely powerful people, they have a huge impact on the preparation as well and rightly so 🙂


Fear is death, if it is not going to kill you – it is going to kill your creativity, your hope, your enthusiasm and the desire to keep surging forward.

Fear is Sin – You keep putting yourself in the same situation over and over again without any solution. Fear is a message, it is asking for something, try to give it that and don’t be committing the same sin of being in an endless agony of fear over and over again.

Fear is Hell – You keep suffering in a way that it is not going to end and the only way beyond it is through it, stop letting it debilitate you!

Fear is unrighteous – We have been in a world where we can label something right or wrong and fear is absolutely wrong. The message through fear may be real but the debilitation is not, letting it affect us and make a BIG difference in our lives is not. It is there it is existent, try and resolve it, don’t let it engulf you!

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