[UPSC Mains-2014] Insights Secure-2014 – Questions on Current Events, June 23

ARCHIVES 23 June 2014 Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words 1.Do you think a separate Railway Budget is needed every year? Critically comment and substantiate your answer. Business Standard 2.Critically comment on various policy measures and steps taken by the government to allocate natural resources to private  players in last ten years. Business Standard …


Topic: Human Evolution and emergence of Man Question Discus the single source versus multi-source of the origin of Homo-sapiens. Which of the two hypotheses do you think is more tenable.? Give reasons to support your answer. (200 words) Next Topic Human Evolution and emergence of Man

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: WORLD HISTORY – Imperialism and colonialism Question Write a critique on the partition of Africa from 1870 to 1914, with particular reference to Germany’s imperial designs in the Continent. (200 words) Next Topic WORLD HISTORY – Imperialism and colonialism

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Philosophical and Constitutional framework of government: BUREAUCRACY and DEVELOPMENT Question “Over dependence on bureaucracy for bringing about socio-economic development in India has proved to be dysfunctional.” Comment. [CSM 2011/200 Words] Next Topic Philosophical and Constitutional framework of government: BUREAUCRACY and DEVELOPMENT