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MOTIVATION: I need a push!

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How many times have you felt this? The need for a push – the need for an external impetus to keep you on track, something that makes you want to work hard, push through the challenges you have or maybe introduce new ones as well. Nonetheless each of these take their own prime space, esp for an exam that is spaced out so wide and over an year long process. However it all boils down to the now, I know you guys have put in a lot of effort to make this happen and it is the last stretch which is always challenging, maybe it is that time to relook at the things you do and decide to get your act together cos this is where it is all going to matter.


I agree that self motivation is not the easiest thing where an exam is spread over a long duration. But that is also the fun of it. Most people are great in maintaining the short spurts of motivation, to write the degree exams, read over a week and score a great deal. But we all know it is not going to be the same with this. It takes something more than that! It takes character, it takes gut and it takes you, the ability to bring your whole complete self to the exam and make it happen. If it takes all you got, then give it all you got cos not many opportunities come back to you in life, atleast not the same way. This might actually be the best chance you have no matter how bad you feel about it. Sometimes we downplay our strengths and over estimate our opponents. All it takes is you being yourself and of course a slight intrinsic push to keep you going 🙂

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