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UPSC Civil Services Exam – 2013-2014 Final Result – Be Open to Both Success and Failure

These days must be nerve-wracking for those who have given their UPSC civil services’ interview this year. Irrespective of your performance in both Mains and Interview, you will be hoping to see you name in the Final List of successful candidates. This is natural. After years of hard work, patience, perseverance and lots of sacrifices, it is natural for you to expect your name in the List. 

Odds are good that you will find your name in the list.  Unlike after Prelims or Mains, the result after Interview can be most favourable provided your performance in the interview was decent. But at the same time, there is a probability of you not making into the list. You must reconcile to this fact.

The final result might be announced today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow. The fact is that your fate is firmly sealed. There is nothing you can do about it. All you can do is expect the best. But be prepared to face the worst.

But, is it worst thing not to make it into the final list?

No. For some of you — if you don’t succeed this time — the future might look dreadful, you might think that all the hard work you put all these years meant nothing, or worse, you might think preparing for this exam was a wasteful exercise.  In the first place, these negative thoughts should never enter your mind. Because in any competition there are always winners and losers. Sometimes you win, but many times you lose.

Success is the end result of experiences we have been through all these years because of our failures. If you don’t clear this exam this time, you will for sure clear next time. If this is to happen, you should not worry much about your result. Your preparation should go on no matter how good or bad you have performed in the exam.

Of the 1000+ successful candidates, around 300 would never write this exam again (IAS+IFS). Remaining 700+ want to give this exam again and again until they get IAS. Whether you pass or fail, except those 300+ lucky ones you will have to prepare for this exam again (assuming you still have attempts)

Not seeing your name in the final list doesn’t make much difference unless you get IAS, IFS or IPS. You will still have that desire to get any one of these top services. Therefore, it is prudent to keep your preparation alive until you realize your ultimate goal.

In case you get a top rank, say rank 10, you are absorbed into the system. Your real exam starts once you stop enjoying basking in the glory of success.

In case you get a rank, say 600 something, you will still celebrate. These celebrations will go on for another two months. And suddenly you see Prelims staring at you with a wily smile on its face. Celebrations will cease.

In case you don’t get any rank – you have only one choice. To start it again. From the very next day. You don’t have to waste two months celebrating anything. You will have plenty of time at your disposal to get up again and set things right. Next year you can have whole life ahead for celebrations. You will have to earn it. Starting earnestly is the only way you can make it happen.

You chose this exam to serve a purpose. There is no urgency to serve your purpose. The System will wait for you. We are not in a war zone. Take your time, understand your own pace, plan again – but even for a moment never stop chasing your dream. Success or failure, you should never waste time thinking about what happened in the past – because the Future suffers. Honestly you don’t want this to happen.

Whatever may be the result. Greet it cheerfully and thank god that you got another chance to prove your worth to yourself.

Having said all this, we hope that your name shines on top of the list.

Wish you all the best for your result. 🙂