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MOTIVATION: Choose to be Optimistic


Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.


Just because we are a little more optimistic, does it mean that you are definitely going to clear the exam without any doubts at all? How I wish I could assure you all that. Being a proponent of motivation and positive thinking, I would have certainly loved to say so. Let’s try to look at it as people call – “REALISTICALLY”. Well if we are optimistic about the exam, it doesn’t mean much, the paper is not going to vary much, your knowledge is not going to vary much, your ability is not going to change magically…. and so on.. And yet people say – BE OPTIMISTIC and the thought is natural – WHY?

And the answer is – WHY NOT? What are the advantages of being optimistic about your chances in the exam? – Maybe it makes you study a bit more focussed cos I would certainly put in more effort if I knew that I had a chance instead otherwise, this way I can atleast feel happy about the preparation process and actually liking it better ups the possibilities of greater concentration and time spent on the process, it means that I am going to be a little more upbeat, I am going to be less hard on myself and be bit more jovial. On the other hand, if I am not that excited about the process, it would be very hard to bring in the focus – Why would I want to fight a losing battle? I would rather give up! Why would I want to go the extra mile if there is no possibility for me to win? It would just be a chore instead of something I like…. and so on..

I am sure you can come up with much better reasons, but I think I am trying to establish that one point here. Being optimistically isn’t going to turn the tables for you overnight, but it is certainly going to make you give the best you have. Frankly of the two, it is certainly a better choice. 🙂

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