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Insights Secure Prelims – 2014: Questions On Current Events

From today we are resuming Insights Secure Prelims-2014 initiative. It was temporarily stopped as we were working on the website.

From today, I will post questions framed mainly from PIB sources. PIB releases and features from January 2013 would be covered in these questions. We get important questions on variety of topics from PIB. These would be both useful for Mains and Prelims.

Next month, questions on Science and Technology, Ecology and Biodiversity from current events would be added along with PIB based questions.

Instead of giving explanation, links will be provided with the solution for each question.

Unlike before, solutions would be available on the same day.

Last 10 days questions would be posted eventually. And Sunday there won’t be any questions.

Wish you all the best for your  exam preparation. Hope you find these questions useful. Any constructive feedback is welcome.

Today’s Questions

Insights Secure Prelims - 2014

These questions are framed from from PIB sources (Releases + Features). These are important for Prelims-2014. Questions are covered from January 2013 till July 2014.