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Join Insights Community

During past few months we have observed that many users of this site wanted to connect with each other and share their ideas regarding answer writing skills, preparation strategy, optional subjects, and many other things related to UPSC preparation. To fulfil this need we have started a new feature called ‘Insights Community’. It’s a social networking tool. You can connect with friends, send them private messages, ask any questions and solve your doubts.

Earlier, you had to do this openly on the web. Now you can do it safely at this new community. No personal information is stored or used. Once all of you register and become members, you can start discussion with each other.

All you need to do is to fill few details and hit the register button.

Register here.

We hope that you guys become friends first and colleagues later at IAS. We hope this community grows and becomes of a hub for would be civil servants. It’s voluntary. Even if you don’t register, you will keep getting all the posts in your inbox regularly. Thank you.


Note: From tomorrow, Secure Prelims resumes. Hopefully with new features. 🙂