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MOTIVATION : Are you thoroughly satisfied with your preparation?

Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.

– Thomas Edison

I have often had this doubt about a preparation phase whether it was for the exams or the work I do or the travels I make, I have often wondered whether this would be enough and I have also found ways to be quite satisfied with a few of them. And I start today with this question as to how satisfied are you about the process of preparation?

And if your answer is complete and if you are going to tell me that you are completely satisfied, my next question is going to be – So what are you going to do next? Now that you are completely satisfied, you  probably don’t need to do anything more and simply wait for the exam to happen and collect your rank. I guess that would be a perfect world where everything goes your way. But I guess we are at a place where we realize that perfect situations rarely do exit. The preparation is going to be like this, it is going to make you feel like hell, but keep going on. It will tire you, it will stress you and it will push you to do things which you were not entirely comfortable doing earlier. It helps to push you out of the comfort zone and it has that one message inside of it all through the process- It is about your dream and your desire to attain it. The rest of it is just circumstantial 🙂 ..

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