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MOTIVATION: This is not time for ease and comfort!

This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure

– Winston Churchil

Well! This is it, the coaching classes are almost coming to an end. The study routine is almost set, the exam dates are almost announced and your guns are almost ready to fire. This is what the whole preparation phase has been about – pulling you out of your comfort zone, making you read all those subjects which you didn’t feel very strongly for, competing against so many people whom you didn’t really like, spending the sleepless nights and burning the midnight oil and a lot lot more.. This is what it has all been about.

This is where the preparation takes the next stage. You have all done the basics right, you have taken care of the important stuff, you have a broad base of knowledge, you are a step ahead before the final one. At this point, I am sure you would have listened to a lot of suggestions from people and bored to a certain extent as well. So I am probably not going to burden you with a few more of those. The only thing I can suggest you now is that – Keep at it, I know it has been a hard struggle, I do understand that competition has been tough, well so have you been! You have been tougher than ever, smarter than before and far more well equipped. It is the time you keep testing yourself, identify the areas which need reinforcement and spend some more time on it. Now that the classes might be over, it might not be the best time to relax or set yourself free, it might be the very battle call you have been waiting for. Time too pull up the socks folks! It is going to be a fun game from now 🙂

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