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MOTIVATION : Does it seem impossible?

It always seems impossible until its done.

– Nelson Mandela

Well it always does! Moon seemed just a pretty object till Neil Armstrong stepped on it, apple seemed just a fruit till Newton spoke gravity, non violence seemed ludicrous till Gandhi lived it, electricity seemed impossible till Edison lit it…. I guess I can go on, but maybe I have already made my point.

I believe no matter at what stage of the exam you are in, there will always be a set of people who say you can’t do it, including yourself! There will be those set of thoughts which keep telling you that it is impossible. Perhaps it is a fear, perhaps it is a thought, perhaps it is just a jitter. But there is a voice that does tell you that it is impossible, it is out of hand, it seems impractical. I am sure all these people had these questions atleast at one point of their lives. But something was a little more important to them than these voices. It was the results, it was the goal, it was the driving reason which made them do what they did. They did not care what the circumstances were, they did not care who the external world was, for all we know they were the crazy ones for the external world. And for all we know you and I are the crazy ones for a lot of people around. But who cares? We all know what we are after and IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE TILL ITS DONE 🙂

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