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MOTIVATION : Why do you need to know the rules?


Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively

– Dalai Lama

What is the first and foremost thing you need to do to clear this exam? What is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you have to do in order to crack this exam. I am sure, the answers vary from Hard Work, Confidence, Strength, Nerves of steel, … well we can get as creative as we want to here. But something that would certainly help us is knowing what the exam is about.

 I don’t mean to say that you guys don’t know the syllabus or the process or the procedure, I just mean to ask whether you own it? Whether you know the rules of the game By rules of the game, I mean the very basics – right from the syllabus to the exam process, from the A to the Z of the UPSC. I agree that hard work and knowledge for a very strong base of the exam, but something even stronger and something that helps you channelize this hard work in a way that it works for you is your ownership of the rules of the game. The rules encompass everything. They make the very fibre of the exam. These are the very rules you need to know, not to contain yourself but to break free, widen your horizons of thought, explore, experience and discover as  to what all you can do to stay ahead of these rules and stay ahead of the competition as well cos in an exam with such wide requirements, every small edge matters!

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