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UPDATE – UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2014 Notification Won’t Be Announced Tomorrow (17th May, 2014)

UPSC may not (or it won’t) announce notification tomorrow for Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2014. Earlier, in its time table for 2014 examinations, May 17th was mentioned as the date of Notification.

Now they have removed this date indicating that the notification may be delayed.

This is just to inform you so that you don’t spend (waste) time waiting for its announcement tomorrow.

See the Updated Time Table Here. (see Serial No. 14 and 15)

Don’t worry about speculations and rumours. Keep preparing for the exam. Thinking about pattern change etc etc won’t help you much in your exam preparation unless you get the information officially from the UPSC itself. So, until everything is official, it’s better if everyone keep preparing for GS papers at least.

31 Replies to “UPDATE – UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2014 Notification Won’t Be Announced Tomorrow (17th May, 2014)”

  1. Sir, do you think new government will approve of the changes ?

    Because , change is imminent now, because if they did not had to change anything, they would have put it as scheduled. Last year too, Manmohan Singh gave his assent to it. So change is around the corner, but I doubt whether the new government will approve of it .

  2. Lots of speculations about CSAT becoming qualifying & complete removal Of optional BUT anything not official yet. jaane kya hoga re!!!!

  3. Hey aradhana don’t say funny words.. uppsc is effected by politics and politicians… not itself

  4. Don’t know what change(if any) UPSC is planning to bring about! Let us hope for the best friends.let us not waste our valuable time being bogged down by speculations and unofficial information.

  5. Friends optional is going to stay and prelims also will have 2 papers wirh 200 marks each and both marks will counted…

    The changes are in the syllabus of GS papers and may be in the prelims stage as well there will be changes in syllabus..

  6. My worst fear is NO EXAM or Exam with very very very few seats (as of 1998-2004 NDA Era) is the only reason why UPSC may have delayed the notification. It may take 4 to 5 weeks more to come up with final notice as i think UPSC not only will get the syllabus vetted from new govt, they will also wait for each ministry to give the revised figures of the vacancies they require. Major upheaval the govt is going to do in first few weeks is merging various ministries which the previous coalition govt had created.

    1. Just concentrate on your preperation rather than expressing some baseless fears here, that will fetch you some extra marks.

  7. i completed my this may….i didnt got my marks memo……so how to apply???

  8. i m new to prepare for ias….kindly guide me about the book useful in gs preparation…insight on optional n mains preparation..i m a Mba..right nw working in govt bank

    1. you should first read ncert ,yojana ,kurukshetra ,india year book current affairs ………………and and you preparing for with attempt?

    2. just get started with insight, ncert old and last ten year qsn papers both for pt and mains.

  9. Hi,

    I want to now any posibility to postpond exam due to late notification………….

  10. Hi,
    Are you sure that age computation would be as on August 2014 and not Jan 2014

  11. i guess optional will be removed …so that competition will become more fair, purely based on gs 😛

  12. Rumours…… of making preliminary as single paper with 100questions from GS and 50questions from csat for 3hr duration. Let us wait and see…

  13. Really nice !!! But when ever notification is delayed some sure changes r there as Aggarwal babu is adamant on changes!!

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