Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events and General Studies

ARCHIVES 13 May 2014 Answer ALL the following questions in about 200 words 1. Why do you think chit funds or ponzi schemes still persist in spite of many scams? Comment. Business Standard 2. Critically examine if Indian defence forces need a tri-service commander in the light of ongoing debate on the issue. Business Standard …

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY – OCEANOGRAPHY Question Give a reasoned account of the contents of the Atlantic Ocean and their impact on the climatic condition of coastal regions. (400 words/CSM 1987) Next Topic PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY – BIOGEOGRAPHY  

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: WORLD HISTORY – Industrial Revolution Question Trace the growth of Capitalism in England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. How did it affect the Wage System in the country? (200 words) Next Topic WORLD HISTORY – Industrial Revolution  

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Development Dynamics – Bureaucracy and development Question  Attaining optimum regulation is a challenging task, as a balance has to be achieved between individual’s freedom and society’s interest. Explain.[200 words] Next Topic Development Dynamics – Strong state versus  the market