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MOTIVATION : What is your biggest challenge?


There comes a time in every race when a competitor meets the real opponent, and understands that its himself.

– Lance Armstrong

We have often heard this about the exam – “It is tough; it is too competitive; there are so many people applying for it, some with a lot of experience as well, the exam has a lot of math and English in it; the paper setters select only the tough questions; the time duration is too tight;” and a lot more things like this. I don’t disagree to any of these, infact I respect all of these. But what is your real competition? Is it that the exam is like this or you FEEL like this about the exam?

The world from an external point of view, looks very complicated, looks very challenging, looks as if it is fighting for blood and trying to crush everything in its way. From an internal view point, it is as much a competition as you want to look at it as. All the exam is asking is a set of requirements. Those requirements demand you to rise up beyond your limitations, it asks you to grow, it asks you to come out of your comfort zone and try something new, it asks you to face challenges and get strong, it asks you to maintain your motivation no matter what happens around you and so on… The real competition the exam is posing is on you, it is not pitting you against someone else, it is giving a set of standards and asking you whether you can stand up to it and the only person that can limit you is YOU, not the exam, not the world. You never were and never will be competing against someone else in this process. I agree it feels like that, it feels like you are competing against the rest of India. But that’s just half the truth isn’t it? You know where the real competition is…

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