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MOTIVATION : I agree it tires you, do it anyway!


Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

-Newt Gingrich

Well I agree, the process will tire you out! When I was preparing I used to often wonder – I have spent an entire day from morning till night and I still don’t feel great about it cos there is so much more to finish. And having said so getting back to the books and sleeping right on the top of them! I am sure there will be a generous few who will agree with me on the experience here 😉

But I think it is the beauty of those additional hours that can make the difference. We all come with the innate spirit to do more, to bring out that extra factor which makes us a winner, a value addition if I may call it as. That’s perhaps each one’s unique addition to the exam and their way of tackling it. And it feels the same whether it is the first day of preparation or the day before the exam. The preparations never seem to be complete. Well I guess no matter what you take up in life the situation will almost be the same. There shall rarely be that perfect situation where we can say all is done and nothing else to worry about. There will be those moments which tire us out, the moments which make us even question as to why we are going through so much of pain and fatigue in the first place. And then we realize something even more powerful, you realize that you don’t even care about it anymore cos what you are looking at is a small price to pay for the larger goal and the bigger picture. That perhaps answers the very question as to what makes you burn the midnight oil!

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