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MOTIVATION : How scared are you of the exams?

~V.Nagaraju –

If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on.

~Lance Armstrong

Well this perhaps applies the best for people who are considering to start their preparations in the process – whether they should try out for the IAS exams or not and whether they should be in a serious preparation mode right off college. Well my question would be, what are the things you are afraid of the exam. What are the things you think you are capable of? Do you think your capacities trump fears (keep in mind that the answer no is not an option here 😉 ). Of course they do, then I think you should stop considering the role of the fear.

I believe the bigger question you would need to ask is – Why exactly you want to do this and what is the guiding inspiration behind that and that answer has to be personal and not that your family and friends wanted you to do that. You are behind an achievement, a race, if you are having cold feet to jump in – you just need to realize what the fear truly is cos if it is just the cold feet then you need to shrug it off, cos if you are not getting on the bike, there is no way you are competing and there is a very low probability of you winning if you don’t compete, isn’t there? You are here, you have a dream, get on, saddle up, win this race, that’s all you need to know, the how, what and when will appear along the process. You just need to know one thing, how much this thing means to you and what you are going to do about it!

Today’s Pick : Its your call, TAKE IT!