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Insights Mock Exams (Preliminary) – Complete Schedule


Following next Hundred Days are very crucial in your exam preparation. From now onward, your entire focus should be on Preliminary exam preparation. Fortunately, the new pattern of Mains exam demands from you the reading of same set of books which must be read for Preliminary exam too. Hence, next Six tests are important and will be hectic as they require you to religiously read standard text books with both Preliminary and Mains exam in mind. We are not asking you to ‘by heart/mug up’ these books. These books must be read to have a sound foundation to tackle any type of question in both Preliminary and Mains exams. They are sine qua non for your preparation.

Syllabus for each test might look vast, but it’s not an impossible task to read them if you have a tangible target to achieve and determination to slog it out. Once you complete these texts, you will gain immense confidence. To be frank, most aspirants do not complete these books. Here you have an opportunity to complete them well before Preliminary exam and then revise them 2-3 times before Main exam.

Please don’t compare our questions with UPSC questions. We try our best to give good questions. As sources some time contain ‘facts’, it becomes inevitable to frame such questions. Thankfully we have avoided framing fact based questions as much as possible.

Test 17th onward, it’s a revision round. All subsequent tests would be like UPSC paper (in framework) and will have questions from all sources (majority from current events). You will get a Bonus Test a week before the real exam too!


Last Six Tests would be for revision purpose. These  tests (plus One Bonus Test) would be like UPSC exams with questions from all the topics of the syllabus. You have to revise all the textbooks (and current events) you have read until now. These tests will have questions from all these books and current events. In these last tests, current events would be given prominence. Current events based questions will be directly related to the Preliminary exam syllabus. You will have more than 50 days at your disposal to revise all the topics and prepare for the exam with confidence. Paper-1 is very crucial this year.

We would like to reiterate that you may see not a single question from our test series in the real exam. The whole intention of this test series was to lay strong foundation for your preparation and guide you in a right direction. Once you complete all our tests, you will be in a position to tackle any question in real exam with confidence. We would want you to practice questions from other sources as well. Only plenty of practice gives you the much needed confidence.

In Test – 17, few left out Indian Polity chapters are included. In this paper, rest of the questions would be from all sources.

We hope you will clear this exam with flying colours. As long as there is consistency in your preparation, you will be on right path to success. Wish you all the best.


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