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Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events


19 April 2014

Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words

1. Recent IIP data show that in recent years there has been  zero industrial growth. In your opinion, despite many policies, why is this trend observed? Examine.

Business Standard

2. “The most common form of democracy to be found particularly in the Third World is ‘illiberal democracy’, which fulfils the representational aspect of democracy through periodic elections but encroaches on personal liberties and the rule of law.” Do you agree with this view? Comment.

Business Standard

3. Critically comment on the significance of the recent judgement by the Supreme Court on transgenders.

The Hindu

4. Comment on the most important factors that helped the British to firmly establish their control over India in 18th century.

The Hindu

5. Critically comment on the recent political developments in Egypt.  In your opinion, what these developments indicate about the nature of governance and institutions in Egypt?

The Indian Express