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MOTIVATION : You are not too small to make a difference


If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito

~ Dalai Lama

This perhaps might be the best one to recall when you are into the services. I am sure once you enter the stream, there will be a lot of challenges, there will be a lot of people to support your initiatives, a lot of them to counter them and oppose them severely. Why go that far, even in the phase of preparation, I am sure we all have encountered the people who make us question constantly as to what difference we could do as individuals, to the exam process or the process of being in an administerial position in the country.

The answer is – A LOT. We are as big as we think we are and we are as small as we think we are. Most times I believe we diminish our possibilities by imposing restrictions on ourselves, by thinking we are too small a cog in an entire wheel. Maybe we are , maybe we are not. But thinking that we are is certainly not going to make the difference. When you are given an option to lead your life, make a difference, to your own lives and the lives of others, make it large, make it all count, give in the best. The rest is bound to follow. Nothing can be too small in this world, only our thinking makes so.

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