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MOTIVATION : Can I clear?


Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ

~ Robin Sharma

People have often come up with interesting questions about this exam. One of the first questions I am sure we all get is “Can I do it”. I am sure although most times the answer has been yes, there would be a few times where it has been no as well. Perhaps at those moments a quote like this can make things sunny side up.

It is a very misconstrued idea that your intelligence is somehow the only thing related to your success. Infact I would say intelligence is highly overrated. Granted that it might make your effort simpler and easier, but it doesn’t mean that it is going to decide whether you are going to make it or not! Innately we all are the intelligent folks, the challenge is that sometimes we don’t try to bring it out. Sometimes it takes effort to bring it out. Maybe that is the effort that gets the IQ back to where it is needed. Intelligence is nothing but repeated hard work taking the feedback in the right direction isn’t it? The larger question still is CAN YOU? Can you look past the smaller question and look at the bigger picture of your goal? And that answers every question you would have had!

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