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MOTIVATION : What if things don’t work


Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out.

– Theodore Roosevelt

The question is – What is the worst that can happen? Let us talk about the UPSC format – what is the worst that can happen? Is it that you put in all the effort and it doesn’t work in your favour? Is it the thought that all the effort you put in will not be valued in the right direction? Maybe it is a valid fear, maybe a valid thought in itself.

But there is always an option, life is a pretty wider circle. I mean, it is true that the possibilities are wide and the competition is huge. So is the case wherever we go and whatever we try to do in life. There will always be one thing or other which holds us back, makes us feel vulnerable. Does it mean we are going to stop and let that affect us or go ahead with what we believe in. Because what we are here are not a set of people who are afraid, we are a set of people who have decided to go off the norm to make something happen. That took courage to take up a decision and it takes a larger one to stand up to it. The question is – Are we up to it?

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