Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events

ARCHIVES 29 March 2014 Answer ALL the questions in about 200 words 1. Explain the scientific and strategic importance, and applications of Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III. The Hindu 2. Write a short note on: Tenosynovitis Nintenditis WhatsAppitis The Hindu 3. Critically comment on the factors that led to ‘independence’ movement in then East Pakistan. Are …

GENERAL STUDIES – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Regulatory Bodies, Pressure groups, Ministries & departments Question Explain the organizational structure of a ministry in Government of India. What are the challenges faced by the ministry? Give suggestions for enhancing the capacity of this organization to meet these challenges. (400 words) Next Topic Regulatory Bodies, Pressure groups, Ministries & departments

PHILOSOPHY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: EQUALITY Question  According to some liberal political thinkers, Social and economical inequalities can be justified only if they work to the advantage of the least advantage members of Society. Is this view consistent with Liberalism’s cardinal advocacy of individual freedom? Discuss. (300 words) Next Topic EQUALITY

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Economic Geography – AGRICULTURE Question  Differentiate between agricultural efficiency and agricultural productivity and discuss the methods used in the determination of agricultural efficiency in India. (400 words/ CSM 1994) Next Topic Economic Geography – AGRICULTURE