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Drugs are not always necessary but belief in recovery is

– Norman Cousins

There are a lot of times en course to this examination where our beliefs will be challenged and the one that has haunted me all through was the question – “Whether this would be enough? Is this enough  to get me there? Is it going to make sure that I reach my goal? Do I have sufficient capacity to make it? How fair are my chances” and a lot more of those. All of them I would say very valid and I would say it is something very natural we all get at one point of time. I guess that is a given in an examination of this magnitude, the exam cajoles us, mocks us, challenges us, doubts us and makes us doubt ourselves at certain times.

I guess that’s ok, no wonder it is the mother of all examinations. But no matter how tough the questions are and how much of an impact they have on us, the one question that probably determines a lot is the ones about belief, esp the belief in ourselves. We may dare question a lot of things in the process but ourselves is not one of those.