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MOTIVATION : Proof of failure

~ V.Nagaraju

“ I want to try this new thing out, I don’t know whether it is going to work or not but I want the proof of failure. I am tired of talking about things, I want to do it”

This phrase came up as a conversation when I was talking to him about his new venture. He wanted to start something new, something off the course. He was someone who came from a very high profile job, wanted to quit it and start something simple as a new business idea. And naturally his folks were against the idea and they wouldn’t be of much support, not many friends either would be in the same line of thought. Upon discussion something that struck me was his choice of words as above.

We are here on the journeys of our lives, we have various priorities, we have all tasted failures and successes likewise. And we all have been in a dilemma whether to take the leap or not, whether to quit a job and delve into UPSC full time, how to convince people around you that your decisions are right, how to make yourself feel comfortable. Maybe the above words can help, sometimes a lot of things are uncertain but nothing stops us from giving our best. And after all truth is a lot more powerful than speculation.