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Insights Prelims Test Series-2014 – Join It Before It’s Too Late


The competition is getting tough. To be ahead you must prepare carefully and consistently. Carefully because the market is flooded with irrelevant books and coaching materials. Add to this wrong guidance.

Consistency is very important if you want to clear this exam. Without it, you will be wasting a lot of time now and then. When you waste lots of time now, this mistake takes a toll on your preparation when exam is very near. The pressure builds and performance suffers.

Preliminary exam paper-I is crucial in two aspects: first, if you prepare thoroughly the syllabus given for this paper, it build a strong foundation to all the Four General Studies papers of Mains exam. Secondly, it is important to get at least 50-60 questions correct in it as you never know what UPSC has in store for you in future: it might make Paper-2 just qualifying in nature; or it might make it tough by including more aptitude questions; or it can even make paper-1 very tough and fix minimum cut-off.

These are just rumors. The present trend might continue as well. Even then, paper-1 is very important from the Mains point of view. You can not just rely on Paper-2 to score very good marks and get qualified for Mains. If you have a strong foundation before prelims itself, the journey after prelims become easy and you can just focus on answer writing practice.

Considering all the factors, we designed our test series to give you a best practice and push you to study thoroughly the basics.

First Seven Tests are exclusively framed from NCERT textbooks alone. These textbooks are sine qua non for your exam preparation. One can neglect them only at the cost of their chances of clearing this exam with flying colors.

From the feedback we have received it is said that these tests have made them realize the importance of NCERT textbooks and have made them read these books with more serious mindset.

You can read review about these tests here, here and here

You have Five and Half months to go for this year prelims. Even if you enroll now, you have sufficient time to prepare and take these tests at your leisure.

Some of you might be sitting on fence thinking whether to join or not.  Please go through sample questions that we are posting here and take a decision.

These sample questions are from 12th Biology NCERT text book and few questions from 12th Human Geography text book. 12th Biology text book is very important for environment, ecology and biodiversity topics.

Sample Questions

To clear this exam practice is more important than anything else.

If you are comfortable practicing questions from question banks or manuals then it is also good. But never give up practicing.

How different is this test series from already available question banks?

Please read following articles to know the answer to this question

To make payment (if you are interested)

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It’s not too late for those who have not enrolled. The price is reasonable compared to other test series’. It’s voluntary anyway. If you like it then only subscribe. Read reviews before buying these tests.

Wish you all the best for your exam preparation. With right approach, guidance and consistency, you can clear this exam.