Insights Daily Current Events, March 10 – 11, 2014

March 10 – 11, 2014 By- DEEPA M National- Satellite towns and twin cities near existing metropolises- A satellite town or satellite city is a concept in urban planning that refers essentially to smaller metropolitan areas which are located somewhat near to, but are mostly independent of larger metropolitan areas. Conceptually, satellite cities are miniature …

Insights Prelims Test Series-2014 – Join It Before It’s Too Late

JOIN IT NOW! The competition is getting tough. To be ahead you must prepare carefully and consistently. Carefully because the market is flooded with irrelevant books and coaching materials. Add to this wrong guidance. Consistency is very important if you want to clear this exam. Without it, you will be wasting a lot of time …

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Organisations- Structure and forms Question   “A variety of different organizational arrangements can be used to provide different public goods & services”. Explain the theory underlying this proposition and its potential contribution.[CSM 2013/200 Words] Next Topic Organisations- Structure and forms

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Economic Geography – RESOURCES Question Discuss the problems in realization of benefits of globalization and liberalization in industrial sector of India (Industry Paper II)  (150 words/CSM 2013) Map pointing On the outline map of india mark the location of all of the following. Also write the significance of these locations, whether physical/commercial/economic/ecological/ environmental /cultural in not …

GENERAL STUDIES – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: POLITY – PRESIDENT;GOVERNOR;STATE ASSEMBLIES; JUDICIARY; DISPUTE REDRESSAL MECHANISMS Question  Unlike Rajya Sabha, which enjoys almost equal powers to that of Lok Sabha, the Legislative Council is a mere subordinate to the Legislative Assembly. Discuss. (200 words) Next Topic POLITY – PRESIDENT;GOVERNOR;STATE ASSEMBLIES; JUDICIARY; DISPUTE REDRESSAL MECHANISMS