Science and Technology – Answer Writing Challenge

1. In what ways can IT and BT be integrated to reduce poverty in India? Source: Open ended 2. What are the ecological and ethical issues associated with nano-technology? Mention two ways,other than medicine,in which this technology can be used for social welfare in India. Source:

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1  Examine the evolution of conflict management from integration approach of M.P. Follett to remedial approach of participative management. [200 Words] Question 2 “The managerial cosmology meaningfully addresses the understanding of manager and his role perceptions.” Explain. [200 Words] Next Topic: Participative management (R.Likert, C.Argyris, D. Mc Gregor)

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 Assess the importance of Jain tenets and their relevance to humanity. (200 words) Question 2 Sites (50 words Each) 1. Chirand 2. Vaishali 3. Sravasti 4. Ayodhya 5. champa 6. Nalanda 7. Pataliputra 8. Rajagriha/Girivraja 9. Gaya 10. Saketa 11. Kasi 12. Prayaga 13. Kausambi 14. Kusinara Next Topic: Mauryan Empire

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic: Settlement Question 1  Explain the morphology of Indian cities in the background of excisting morphological models. (200 words) Question 2 Provide the geographical background and characteristics of the distribution of Hill Stations of India. (200 words) Next Topic: Settlement