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Insights On India Mock Prelims Exam – 4 – Update

Test-4 will be sent tomorrow at 6 pm. Please do check your inbox on time and in case you check it later, check the ‘promotions‘ tab in gmail. Or search for ‘Insights Mock‘ within your email search box. You will have the test.

We tested many times with different email service providers and found that tests are being sent flawlessly. Only 3-4 people have problem and we will send them individually. If they search their mails before mailing us, they too can find tests in their inbox (earlier tests were not sent to corporate emails). In case you don’t find, please mail us at insights dot exams at gmail dot com – we will send tests immediately. Thank you.

Date, Syllabus and Books for the Fifth Test

Date: 15, February 2014

Syllabus and Books:

1. NCERT History – 12th Class (All Three books )

2. NCERT Geography – 11th Class (India Physical Environment(Unit – IV Only) and Fundamentals of Physical Geography)

3. NCERT Economics – 12th Class (Macroeconomics – First Three Chapters)

4. NCERT Polity – 11th Class (Once again – Indian Constitution at Work)

5. Current Events –Again  Questions on Environment related news (as environment related topics are very important, we are repeating it)

We are able to frame many quality questions from above textbooks from all chapters, so we would like to frame more questions from these books for another test i.e. Test number-5 too.

For test – 6, we will frame questions from NCERT 12th books (except History)

As NCERT books are indispensable and are of utmost importance, designing 1-2 extra test papers on them would be surely beneficial to you. We had earlier said that only first 4 tests would be on NCERT, but now they may expand to 7 tests too.

We will give all 20 tests well before August first week with suitable gaps to cover all important topics of the syllabus. You will surely feel confident about paper 1 of prelims if you solve all our tests. We won’t promise that questions will come from our tests, but we can say that these tests would certainly help you prepare for the exam in right direction with full confidence.

All the best.