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MOTIVATION – Moving Forward

~ Zenia Kaur

When you find your path, you must ignore fear. You need to have the courage to risk mistakes. But once you are on that road RUN, RUN, and RUN but don’t stop till you have reached the end.

We may have a feeling of inadequacy in respect of guidance, resources or even in our own abilities. When you start a journey tentativeness is obvious. The belief in your decision to pursue your dreams is first step but remember in order to survive the journey you have to derive the confidence from your daily preparation. So you must take action and be consistent, in order to overcome initial fears. Have faith in whatever you have at the present moment and make the best use of it. Seeing them (abilities, resources, guidance) as inadequate will only add to the negative feeling. Believe in the power of abundance, that is ‘whatever you have at the present moment is more than enough to handle for you at the present moment’, the rest will follow eventually at the right time as and when you are ready. Continue to persist and evolve into you higher self.

And as Paulo Coelho says “when you really believe in something the whole universe conspires to make it true”. So continue to walk on your journey, doors will automatically open leading to new paths and newer destinations. It’s all about moving every day. It is you who decides the pace, either it’s a step or a jump but the moment must be forward and then nothing can stop you to reach your destination!