PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 “Decisions are something more than factual propositions. They have an ethical as well as a factual content.” Comment. [200 Words] Question 2 “Administrative efficiency is enhanced by keeping at a minimum the number of organizational levels through which a matter must pass before it is acted upon.” – (Herbert A. Simon) [CSM 2000/200 …

HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 Evaluate the various approaches to the understanding of vedic religion. Question 2 Examine the view that sacrifice was a ritual and a form of social exchange in Vedic India. Next Topic: Aryans and vedic period

GENERAL STUDIES – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 ”The 42nd Amendment Act was Practically a revision of the Constitution”. Comment (200 words) Question 2 “The process of constitutional amendment should not be resorted to for the pupose of overriding unwelcome judicial verdicts so often as would generate in the minds of lay public an irreverence for the Judiciary”. Comment (200 words) Next …

GEOGRAPHY – Answer Writing Challenge

Topic:Population and settlement Geography Question 1 ” Urban Geography is nothing but city ” in ” area and city “as” area . Elaborate. (200 words) Question 2 “Colonial forces resulted in the Primate Pattern of urban process in most Southeast Asian countries “. Discuss (200 words) Next Topic: Population and settlement Geography