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MOTIVATION: Self-worth

                                           Rishave Verma

It’s hard to defeat an enemy who has an outpost in your own head.

                                                                           (Sally Compton)

When motion pictures became popular, a group of country people went to watch their first movie. Upon viewing a scene in which a band of robbers was kidnapping a young child, one guy in the audience stood up out of excitement and furiously fired a barrel of bullets at the screen. The film stopped, the lights came on and people laughed to behold a blank screen with six bullet holes in it.

We are equally fooled if we attack the movie of our life playing on the screen of our mind. If we fight, hurt or retaliate against those who do not support or agree with us, we are wasting bullets. Our efforts to prove ourselves to others are as useless as shooting the screen.

We “hire” everyone we meet to represent something we believe about ourselves or our world. We can thank those who challenge us, for they help us discover the self-diminutive beliefs lodged below the surface of our conscious awareness. The way to transform our world is not to struggle to manipulate people or events, but to upgrade our thoughts so that we attract people and events that demonstrate love than fear.

If we know our worth, we do not need anyone else to confirm it, and if we do not realize our value, we will not gain it by getting others to approve. If we don’t like the movie we are watching, don’t bother shooting the screen; instead, change the movie or yet better, turn on the lights.

Today’s Prayer:

 “Help me remember my inner world reflects my true beauty.”