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Insights On India Mock Exams For Prelims-2014 – Update On Third and Fourth Tests

Our third test of 2014 Mock Exams will be sent to you tomorrow at around 5.30 pm.

We carefully send everyone but still few people don’t get them (don’t know why) If you don’t see the tests in your inbox by tomorrow 6 pm, please mail us immediately (insights.exams at gmail dot com) and we will send them within few minutes.

As 9th and 10th class NCERT history texts contained more of world history, we have framed questions from 12th text also. Hope you don’t mind. Thank you.

Date, Syllabus and Books for the Fourth Test


4, February 2014

Syllabus and Books:

1. NCERT History – 12th Class (All Three books)

2. NCERT Geography – 11th Class (India Physical Environment, Fundamentals of Physical Geography

3. NCERT Economics – 11th Class (Indian Economic Development)

4. NCERT Polity – 11th Class (Indian Constitution at Work)

5. Current Events – Questions on Environment related news