HISTORY – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1. Give an account of the Geography of the Vedic texts and describe the social life during the Vedic times.   Question 2. Discuss the political pattern and the major religious ideas and rituals of the Vedic age.   Tomorrow’s Topics  Aryans and vedic period

ECONOMICS – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1. Satisfying the conditions of Pareto- optimality is necessary but not sufficient for maximising social welfare. Comment. (200 words) Question 2. “Supply creates its own demand”. Compare and contrast the traditional versus the modern interpretation of the statement. (200 words)

Insights Daily Current Events, January 21, 2014

ARCHIVES January 21, 2014 INTERNATIONAL India- Japan Relationship Civilian nuclear cooperation agreement between India and Japan and controversial issues India plans to build about 20 nuclear power plants to increase the share of nuclear power in supply from the current 4% to 25% by 2050. To meet its energy needs, India would like to partner …

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1  “Participation in authentic discourse requires ‘warrants for discourse’.” In the light of above statement explain the broader democratic consequences of a pro-active citizenry? (200 Words) Question 2  “We don’t need more government; we need better government.” Comment. (200 Words) Tomorrow’s Topics 2. Administrative Thought: Scientific Management and Scientific Management movement

MOTIVATION: Heaven and Hell

                                Rishave Verma                   Heaven is the decision I must make.                                                                         (A Course in Miracles) A Samurai warrior came to a Zen master and commanded him, “Teach me about heaven and hell”. The master looked at the warrior and laughed ridiculing him, “Why would you think I would waste my time teaching an ignoramus like you? You …