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MOTIVATION – Being The Change

                                   Rishave Verma

Confront the dark part of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination.

                                                                        (August Wilson)

Jerry was angry at himself because he failed in his goal of becoming the president of his country. He stated “It was my lifelong mission and I am ashamed that I have not completed my mission”. His father asked “What would you do if you become the president?” Jerry vehemently said “I would free the country from oppression.” His father stated “Son, it sounds as if you have been oppressing yourself by brooding for not attaining your goal. Perhaps you could begin to free the country of oppression by releasing yourself. First try to be the President of your inner state”.

Before we attempt to remove a speck from the eyes of another, we should take the log out of our own eyes. When we feel driven to fix the outer world, it is a prerequisite to improve ourselves first. While it is tempting to project our needs onto others, it is really inner transformation we seek.

As the eternal question asks “Can the world be saved, if you are not?” The easiest task is to blame others and the toughest is to blame ourselves. When we put ourselves to introspection, we will find enough rooms for improvement and we can be better humans. The society is a reflection of the character of people it encompasses. Improving our world is too distant a dream if improving our own self seems distant. To bring a change, first we should try to be the change. Taking hold of our own spirits and being the President of our inner states always pays beyond expectations.

Today’s Prayer:  

“Help me look within and improve the world by transforming my own consciousness.”