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GENERAL STUDIES – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Answer the following questions in about 200 words. Each question carries 10 Marks.
1. It has been argued by the economists time and again that India is a typical example of market failure. Comment

2. Planning in India is highly centralised. Critically Comment

3. Independent India was declared to be a planned and mixed economy. Examine

4. What do you understand by the term GDP and GNP? Which measure (GDP/GNP) would be more reflective of the progress of India? Explain why.

5. Reform is not the aim of the economy but reforming the economy is the aim. Analyse the statement with respect to post-liberalisation era.

6. What do you understand by democratic decentralised planning? What are the steps taken and the challenges faced by the government in this regard?

Answer the following questions in about 400 words. Each question carries 20 Marks.

7. The Constitution of India envisages the Finance Commission as the balancing wheel of fiscal federalism in India. Critically Analyse the statement with respect to the relationship between finance commission and the planning commission of India.

8. The approach paper to 12th Five Year plan says that the Eleventh Plan gave a special impetus to several programmes aimed at building rural and urban infrastructure and providing basic services with the objective of increasing inclusiveness and reducing poverty. Throw light on such programmes and evaluate their role in bringing about inclusiveness.


Tuesday’s Topic

Indian art forms